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Publix Greenwise Section     

Now you can grab great eco-friendly and all natural home products right at Publix in their "Greenwise" section!

Coral Gables                                   PUBLIX GREEN

1401 Monza Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33146-3117

Phone: (305) 667-1681

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Website: http://www.publix.com/wellness/greenwise/Home.do

 Target- Environmental Department

Target has greened up! Now get your favorite green and natural cleaning and home products at Target!

Miami                            target

8350 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL, 33143
Phone:(305) 668-0262

Website: http://sites.target.com/site/en/corporate/page.jsp?contentId=PRD03-004397

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What are the safest light bulbs to use?

QuickieChick editor Laurel House weighs in on the best light to use, reuse, and recycle.

For more than a decade, as an environmental advocate, I advised people to make one simple change in their homes—switch from energy-sucking incandescent light bulbs to super-efficient compact flourescents (CFLs)—if they wanted to make a difference for the planet.

CFLs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, which produce more heat than light. (That’s why Easy Bake Ovens can cook using only a naked light bulb).

A recent report published by The American Society of Photobiology has me rethinking that recommendation—for personal rather than planetary health reasons.

The report, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and published in a recent issue of the journal
Photochemistry and Photobiology, suggests that CFLs have numerous cracks in their phosphor coatings that are large enough to release UV rays.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Science helps break down CFL’s a little further:

To read online on NIEHS's website, click here!

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)
Save Energy

What are CFLs?

CFLs have a coiled tube instead of the round bulb you see in old-style light bulbs (incandescent bulbs). They are like the long fluorescent light tubes you see in ceiling lights, but shrunk down and coiled up so they can replace incandescent bulbs.

In a CFL, an electric current is driven through a tube containing argon gas and a small amount of mercury vapor. This makes invisible ultraviolet (UV) light. The UV light hits a coating on the inside of the tube, which then gives off visible light.

CFLs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Saving energy helps the environment. Using less energy means less greenhouse gases will get into the air.

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How Do CFLs Work?

How Do I Recycle My Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)

Recycling CFLs

Safely using and disposing of CFLs is very important to protecting our health and environment. Recycle spent CFLs to prevent mercury getting into the environment.

Towns, cities, and some stores collect CFLs for recycling.

Visit http://www.epa.gov/cfl/cflcleanup.html for more on CFL bulb cleanup! 





Refresh Your Living Space With These Unique 10 Feng Shui Tips!

To read online article by Healing Lifestyles & Spas, click here!


By Shannon Kaiser

Is it time to refresh your living space? Thanks to a little help from our design-savvy friends we gathered up the biggest trends to help you makeover your home. There are certain tips you can use to create a perfect home.

Tip 1: Add Citrus

Ever since Pantone announced Tangerine Tango the color of the year, citrus brights are popping up everywhere. Curtin’s, placemats, carpets and couches all have a bright splash of color. If you space is looking a little dull, consider using the expert’s advice and splashing in some citrus or tangerine tango. Your space will go from blah to instant ahhh.

Tip 2: Stay Calm, Cool & Collected

“Use collected items from your travel and life experience,” says Brittainy Tiffany of Tiffany Home Furnishings, decorating your home with items you collect in your life is a perfect way to make your space more inviting. The trinkets represent moments more then things. When you collect moments your life becomes enriching and fulfilling.

Tip 3: Eliminate Clutter

Clutter jams your frequencies and makes it impossible to enjoy your space. Clutter can creep in to your space in many forms, such as junk mail, toys, old cloths, dust, dirty laundry and the list goes on. Unclutter your space and prepare for a stress free-living environment.

Tip 4: Lighten Up

Brittainy Tiffany suggests using light color furniture in dark spaces or having natural light reflect into your home. The more open and airy your space is the more energy can flow throughout. If you have window close to your desk, bed or couch, open them up for fresh air and let natural light in to your space. For more home expert home decorating tips visit Tiffany Home Furnishings, furniture store Portland, Oregon.

Further Tips from fengshuiatwork.com

Tip 5: Sharp Angles

Sharp angles are carriers of negative energies. If you have sharp angles pointed at you like a laser they funnel negative energies toward you.

Tip 6: Drain

Make sure that all your drains are functioning properly. Drains are where the bad energies from being unclean literally get cleared away.

Tip 7: Colors

When painting your exterior you shouldn’t use more than 3 colors.

Tip 8: Desk Direction

When people at work are facing the door or having it within their eye line, they relax and feel much more comfortable.

Tip #9: Bedroom

Take out any EMF emitting items like TV, computer or electric operated machines.

Tip 10: Positivity


For more eco-friendly HOME tips and how to's, check out Healing Lifestyles & Spa's page here!

 Fun Household Tid Bits!

Want to spice up your drink? Check out this article by ECO SALON on how to turn ice-cubes into something extra exciting, delicious, and healthy! Click HERE to find 10 things to turn into ice-cubes! Including coffee, wheatgrass, and edible flowers- make every drink packed with nutrients (and taste!) to the MAX!



Living Clutter-Free: Reduce Stress by De-Cluttering your Home!

Having to wade through excess clutter when you are already stressed can add even more tension. Take the time to clean up clutter around your house so you have a spacious, relaxing environment where you can unwind after a stressful day.

Check out this website by Joy Healey BA(OU), Dip.ION, MCThA on how to de-clutter your home, and in turn, invigorate and de-stress your life! 


Shopping Eco!

Online visit http://www.ecoist.com/

Collection of personal & household recycled handbags, gifts, furniture, & recycled gadgets.


Green Furniture:

www.FurnishGreen.com or http://ny.racked.com/tags/furnish-green

1261 Broadway, NY, NY 10001 (between 31st & 32nd)

(917) 583-9051


"Rescue, Reuse, Redecorate"

"Dance" your way to a green household.

Located in Herald Sqaure, NYC and online, this vintage furniture store,doubles as a dance studio can help you to update your entire household with well- priced, fresh- off- the- cart or tastefully refurbished, second hand living, bedroom, dining & aaccesories for your home.

Products Reviewed:

Seventh Generation Natural 4X Laundry Detergent

Seventh Generation is dedicated to emphasizing that green does clean! Their Natural 4X Laundry Detergent is non-toxic, without optical brighteners, a biodegradable formula,Seventh Generation hypoallergenic, and contains zero dyes or synthetic fragrances.  With its plant-based, multiple-enzyme formula, Seventh Generation is guaranteed to please.

 Seventh Generation Laundry detergent is also Kosher, Leaping Bunny Friendly, and USDA Certified Biobased (96%). To find out more about what it means to be USDA Certified Biobased, check out http://www.biopreferred.gov/aboutus.aspx.

 Not only is the product eco-friendly, but the bottle is too! A lightweight, compostable, recycled fiber shell holds 60 fl. Oz of cleaning power! The entire packaging of this detergent uses 66% less plastic than a typical 100 oz. 2X laundry bottle, while delivering equal amounts of loads!

To order Natural 4X Laundry detergent, see more Sevent Generation eco-friendly brands, or find out where these products are sold near you, check out:  http://www.seventhgeneration.com !



 Earthworm Family Safe Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Treatment

 Earthworm products (part of Clean Earth brands) is committed to producing cleaning products that are not only effective, but eco-friendly and safe for any household! as well as safe and effective for use around your home.


Earthworm Mold and MildewThe key ingredient in Earthworm’s Family-Safe Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Treatment’s natural formula is enzymes. This is the secret to Earthworm’s safe cleaning power! Enzymes are in all living things, and act as proteins that convert organic material into harmless nutrients and water. Enzymes work around the clock to break down organic materials, such as mildew stains and mold deposits, just like little “recyclers”.  Using this natural product, Earthworm removes mold stains, fungus stains and mildew stains from virtually any porous or non-porous surface, both inside or outdoors. 


Earthworm Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Treatment is environmentally-friendly, 100% biodegradable, and made with sustainable ingredients. The natural formula does not contain harmful caustic chemicals, making it completely safe to use around children and pets.


Earthworm Mold Stain and Mildew Treatment Contains: Water, Natural Enzyme Blend, Plant-Derived Surfactant and Trace Preservative.


To read news articles and reviews on Earthworm products, and to find out more about where to purchase them, check out http://www.acleanearth.com/ew_main_news.html.


Organic Bouquet

Website: http://www.organicbouquet.com/  

Phone: 877-899-2468

Organic Bouquet is the largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic floral gifts. A mission-based company that cares about environmental, social and economic sustainability, Organic Bouquet is the place to go for green, beautiful products. With every purchase from Organic Bouquet, buyers are improving the life of a grower or artisan and protecting the environment for generations to come!

Organic Bouquet has an abundance of eco-friendly products. Organic Bouquet’s unique online collection of stylish and one-of kind-products are carefully selected with the highest social and environmental standards and practices. Sustainably grown flowers are gentle on the earth and safeguard ecology, while sustainable, biodegradable, green packaging is innovative and stylish. All of Organic Bouquet’s products, from floral arrangements and gourmet gifts to unique home accessories, have been certified by third-party agencies, such as USDA, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance. See all of Organic Bouquet's eco standards by clicking here!

Check out all Organic Bouquet has to offer on their site here!

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