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Pop Nature


Founder: Cortland D. Joyce



Cortland D. Joyce has made the journey to South of the Border many times, but was first introduced to the classic Mexican delicacy, known as paletas, in San Diego. At a little Mexican Taqueria in Old Town that still makes their own tortillas on site, Cortland finished a delicious lunch on a hot afternoon when the owner brought him an avocado paleta that was “unlike anything I had ever put in my mouth”, Cortland recalls. From that moment forward, Cortland became fascinated with this culinary delight, and began to seek out Paletas, yet never encountered them outside of the West Coast. After moving to Nashville in 1994, as an underemployed musician Cortland supplemented his income in General Contracting. After the economy slowed and construction came to a standstill, Cortland decided to follow his passion for food. Since culinary arts had been with him for many years, Cortland knew that nothing made him happier than cooking and feeding people, so that’s exactly what he did! In Nashville, Cortland was reintroduced to the paleta by two lovely sisters from Guadalajara, Irma and Norma Paz, who started a popular local spot called “Las Paletas.”

After recently relocating to his hometown of Miami, Cortland decided to follow his dream; PopNature- a high quality, hand crafted, locally produced, natural, organic (whenever possible), sustainable and affordable treat that anyone can enjoy, any time. Gluten free and low calorie, using no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or GMO’s, PopNature popsicles can also provide sugar free selections for those with dietary restrictions with a sweetener of the consumer’s choice. With custom orders and flavors available at request, PopNature has something for every taste and everyone! PopNature is under Kosher supervision by Kosher Miami (KM / KDM), inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture, and Cortland is a Certified Food Manager in the state of Florida, as well as licensed and insured. These delicious pops made from hand cut and blend seasonal fruit, purified water and unrefined sugar with an occasional, delicate addition of herbs & spices are made to bring customers a unique, fresh and adventurous pop experience. Check out ordering information and more on PopNature’s site!

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Below are just a few of Pop Nature's mouth watering flavors, with nutritional information:

Café ccafe con lecheon Leche

Made with real Café Bustello coffee and organic half and half, this popsicle is an iced coffee in an easy-to-eat treat! A coffee house favorite, Café con Leche is a staple in Miami, but when the weather is hot there’s no better way to enjoy it than frozen in a pop!


Ingredients: Coffee, Organic Half &
Half, Purified Water, Demerara Sugar
Hand made by Pop Nature LLC / 3 oz


Cafe Con Nutrition 

 Mango & Blackberry Mango Blackberry Pop

This simply delicious popsicle is beautiful, and tasty! With chunks of fresh blackberries in a yellow sea of mango, this is an irresistible way to get in those fruit servings!

Mango Blackberry

 Ingredients: Local Mango
Organic Blackberries, Water,
Organic Demerara Sugar
Hand made by Pop Nature LLC


Cucumber & Watermelon

watermelonCool fresh cucumber and watermelon are the main staples in this juicy pop. There is nothing more refreshing than cucumber and watermelon in the heat, but even in the cooler months this delectable treat is both yummy, and guilt free!

Cucumber Watermelon

Ingredients: Watermelon,
Cucumber ,Purified Water,
Organic Demerara Sugar
Hand made by Pop Nature LLC / 3 oz



cucumber melon 

Coconut Lime & Chili chili

With organic ground cayenne chili and key lime juice, this little pop will get your taste buds going, and screaming for more! This unique and tantalizing pop is definitely not your typical dessert, and something you just have to try!

Coconut Lime & Chili

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk,
Organic Cayenne Pepper, Lime Juice
Purified Water, Organic Sugar
Hand made by Pop Nature LLC
786-567-8428 / 3 oz

coco chili


Tangy and sweet, this succulent pineapple pop is joy on a stick. Made with fresh pineapple and organic sugar, simplicity is bliss with this tasty, fat-free treat!



Ingredients: Pineapple, Purified
Water, Demerara Sugar
Hand made by Pop Nature LLC / 3 oz 
















For more Pop Nature flavors and availabilities- click here!







Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9606          soyjoy

                Mission Hills, CA 91346


Phone:  1-888-676-9569      


Looking for an all-natural snack with REAL ingredients that goes anywhere you do? You’ve found it in SOYJOY. SOYJOY’s ingredients are whole and healthy, like real fruit and whole soy. So when you grab a SOYJOY you’re getting a nutritious snack full of real, whole food goodness. Every SOYJOY® bar is baked with high-quality, non-genetically modified ground whole soy—retaining all of soy’s naturally-occurring nutrients. Soy is the only plant-based source of the complete protein, and offers nutrients and all-natural energy to help get you through your day. With seven delicious flavors, there are many ways to enjoy SOYJOY – as a between-meal snack to keep energy levels steady, a healthy dessert or part of a light meal.  Visit their site at


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Generation UCAN Drink Mix                UCAN
Mailing Address: 

15 Research Drive #3
Woodbridge,CT 06525  

Phone: 203.397.UCAN (8226)
Toll Free: 1-866-338-1308 


Generation UCAN is healthy sports nutrition that helps you get the most out of your workout. UCAN's drink mix is powered by a natural, slow-burning carbohydrate called SuperStarch (derived from non-GMO corn starch) that delivers steady energy with no added sugars or stimulants by stabilizing blood sugar for 2-3 hours. SuperStarch also lets you burn more fat for fuel during and after exercise by minimizing insulin (unlike sugar and maltodextrin based sports and protein drinks). Whether you're training for the big game, pushing to PR at a local 10k, or looking for healthy energy to get you through the day, you belong with Generation UCAN!

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Generation UCAN has had quite the media coverage, check out all of UCAN's articles and blogs here, and watch for a great video on how expert Molly  Kimball, RD from WGNO news weigh in on UCAN sports drinks vs. other brand sports drinks!   






Organic Sesame Butter, Peanut-Free, No Additives- Just pure Nutritious Greatness!

Sesame butter is loaded with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, which are missing from the average daily diet in America. With all of this nutrition and all of these health benefits, it’s easy to see why sesame butter is getting so much attention from nutritionists and physicians worldwide.

Read about Golden Millstone’s personal story HERE! Also check out great recipes, products, and sesame butter health news at Golden Millstone’s website here!Healthy, delicious, organic, no additives, just GREATNESS! Nutrition and smiles for the whole family, grab some today and get munchin’!



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Whole Foods Market whole foods logo

Grab great groceries, produce, prepared foods, suplements, and more at this health super haven!

Locations in Miami Area:

Coral Gables

6701 Red Road
Coral Gables, Florida
Phone: (305)421-9421


11701 South Dixie Highway
Pinecrest, Florida
Phone: (305)969-5800

South Beach

1020 Alton Road
Miami Beach, Florida
Phone: (305)938-2800


The Fresh Market

Housing international coffees, fresh produce, and fine prepared foods, The Fresh Market in Coconut Grove is the place to go for high quality goods!

Coconut Grove The Fresh Market

2640 South Bayshore Drive

Phone: 305-854-7202








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