AcroYoga AcroYoga Class

Studio: IronFlower Fitness

Address: 7300 Biscayne Boulevard  Miami, FL 33138

Phone:     (305)640-5270

Fax:           (305)640-5720





AcroYoga is a unique form of exercise that combines the spirituality of yoga, Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. Seven main elements make up the practice: circle ceremony, asanda, partner flow, Thai massage, therapeutic flying, inversions and spotting, and partner acrobatics.  

Partner Flow is a mutually beneficial sequence of partner asanas and stretches which give participants the platform to practice self-acceptance, receptivity and communicating one’s needs. 

In addition, the act of therapeutic flying utilizes gravity and metta to release and open the flyers’ spine while simultaneously grounding and empowering the base. This is the core of AcroYoga, also known as Anti-Gravitational Spinal Elongation Therapy.

This unique and creative class will surely leave one feeling rejuvenated and connected.  Register online or call to reserve a spot- spaces fill up fast!


Yoga in the Park

Date & Time: Monday & Wednesday: 6:00pm-7:15pm, Saturday: 9:00am-10:15am

Location: Bayfront Park

    301 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132  at the Tina Hills Pavilion (south end of park)

Price: Free!

It’s hard to get a more relaxing and beautiful experience than outdoor yoga at the beautiful Bayfront Park in Miami.  These free yoga classes offer a unique atmosphere with a breath-taking view with a muscle moving burn.  All participants welcome, from beginner to the more advanced.   All classes are taught by a certified yoga instructor, and will be taught on a first come, first serve basis.  All participants must be at least 18 years of age and bring their own yoga mat, water, and towel. 

If the day is a rainy one, classes will still go on! They will just be held in the Bayfront Park office.

No obligation, no fee, just fun, free, feel-good yoga in the park- can’t beat that!

Free Yoga Foundation: Yoga in South Florida

 Foundation: One Yoga Foundation

Location: Various Park in Miami

Price: Donations Welcome


One Yoga Foundation is bringing yoga to everyone, for free.  OYF is a non-profit organization that has made their mission to Make yoga available to everyone, especially special needs populations. Created in November of 2007 and originally named “It’s Free Yoga Miami!!”, Hector Alvarez and Luana Hervier developed this program as a three-month project in Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove.  Over the next couple of years, turning into the Free Yoga Foundation, the program expanded to six other parks throughout South Florida. Now,, the OYF teaches over 400 students each month, with 30-70 students per class.  OYF teaches all ages, and doesn’t discriminate against any of it’s thousands of participants- everyone is welcome! A donation based organization, OYF is truly out to do good through every class taught.  Click here to find out which parks in Miami offer Free Yoga from the One Yoga Foundation, and what times they are available- something you just have to try while in Miami that'll make you feel good beyond just getting a great work out!

Adults Beginner Freerunning Course 


Location: Miami Freerunning & Parkour Academy    

8284 NW 66th St. Miami, FL 33166

Contact: Adrian Gonzalez

Phone: (305) 733 - 3995



What is free-running? Also known as Parkour, this intense form of extremely tactical ways to push your body’s physical limits from point A to point B is becoming all the range on TV and, local parks in Miami.  On popular shows like American Ninja Warrior, participants stretch the limits of strength, flexibility, and confidence.  If you’re ready to take on wall flips, wing-spins, and reverse-monkey-vaults, than this course is right for you! Pushing the limits for a completely different level of work out is what Free-running is all about. 

This class can come with extreme tasks and conditions, so being instructed and trained by professionals at the Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy is definitely the way to go to become a free-running guru! With the credo “Live to Move” and “Move to Live” , Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy truly believes and is passionate about what they support and teach. Call to join a class today for not your walk in the park- but your unique flip, jump, leapfrog-over-a-bush-backwards-twist-over-a-tree in the park kind of work out!

Click here for class schedules, and here for pricing!  


 Taoist Tai Chi Classes    Tai Chi

Location: Taoist Tai Chi Society

              Sunset Center, 10300 SW 72 St #235 Miami, FL




Phone: (305) 598-3959

The Taoist Tai Chi Society takes the ancient studies of the arts of health and longevity from the Taoists and conveys it in their modern classes.  Right on Sunset Drive in Miami, Florida, The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA’s founder, Master Moy Lin-Shin, teaches classes in the internal art of taijiquan and other arts of health.  By incorporating stretching with mind and health improving movements to the body, one’s entire physiological make-up can be improved.  Restoring calmness and serenity to the mind and decreasing anxieties is what The Tai Chi Society is all about.  Beginning Taijiquan classes begin this summer, and over three to four months participants learn a sequence of 108 moves that can improve internal balance, physical capability and motion, and peace of mind.  For more about these blissful classes and schedule information, check out The Taoist Tai Chi Society’s site here!


Salsa Mia Salsa Classes at Yuca

Date & Time: Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays at 8:30 p.m.   Salsa Mia

Location: Yuca

501 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305)987-3033




Founding in February of 2005, Salsa Mia has been building friendships and shaking things up for the past seven years.  Incorporating the fun, free-spirited motions of Salsa and dance, Salsa Mia prides itself of being a melting pot of instructors, dancers, performers, musicians and students from all over the world that come together a few times a week to immerse themselves in the art of salsa.  A unique feature to Salsa Mia is that this Havana Social Club inspired studio hosts a nightclub every Friday night (Yuca Nightclub) with all of the students Salsa Mia has taught how to dance!  There are many reviews and broadcasts on Salsa Mia, and a large lists of their charitable contributions, making Salsa Mia a strong part of the Miami community. 

All levels are welcome, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Classes are held three days a week (Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays) at 8:30 p.m. Private lessons are also available! Call 305-987-3033 for prices or click here to register, ¡Bailar, y diviértase!

Adult Kung Fu Classes in Coconut Grove!  

Kung Fu

 Location: Nityananda Center

                 2829 Bird Ave. Unit 10 Coconut Grove, FL 33133


Phone: (786) 333-1557



Price: $15 per class; $120 for 10 classes (no expiration); $160 unlimited classes (including Yoga)


Date & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:45 p.m.


The ancient practice of Kung fu - ‘kung’ meaning ‘energy’ and ‘fu’ meaning ‘time’ - is a Chinese martial art whose recorded history dates back to around 525 AD.  Now, you can incorporate this ancient art into your modern life! At The Nityananda Center in Coconut Grove participants can learn how to practice the mind-ful exercise of Kung Fu. Combining physical health and fitness with mental wellness is a great way to end your day; Adult Kong Fu classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45 p.m.

The Nityananda Center also offers inspiration public talks, free workshops, and other ancient forms of exercise such as yoga and Qi Gong.  Also offering massage and morning chants, the Nityananda Center is a relaxing, calm oasis to gain health and peace of mind.  For more information on The Nityananda Center and all they have to offer, check out their site today! Namaste!  

Technical Boxing with Tommy Anthony at Fight Club America!

Studio: Fight Club America

Address: 120 NE 20th Street

                Miami, FL 33137

Phone: (305) 573-7400



With proper punching combinations, head movements, and fancy footwork, Fight Club America will help turn you into the best boxer you can be! Combining strength and cardio workouts using medicine balls and calisthenics, with punching workouts with heavy bags, Fight Club America will shape your boxing technique, and your body.  Click here for different class options!


Animal Flow Class by Global Weight Training

Address: 1910 Alton Road

                Miami Beach, FL

Phone: (305)812-6183


Ever wonder how apes get those huge muscle arms to wonder from tree to tree? Maybe how a crab stays so agile and speedy? Okay, maybe not- but Global Bodyweight Training’s Animal Flow features unique movements, inspirited by animals, that puts you down on all fours with a non-stop combination of intense and focused bodyweight exercises.  Using weight distribution and leverage to build serious strength, all while burning insane calories, is why Animal Flow is all the rage in Miami Beach.  Working out without equipment to get the results on hours spent in a full-blown gym! See what others have to say here!

Click here for class schedules and get primal with an insane full body work out today!


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