Healthy Miami Best Gym Pick June 2012

Sweatshop Miami

Address: 4200 Laguna Street,Coral Gables,FL.      

Phone: (305) 724-3305 



Hours: Always open

Owner: Damian Stephens, MS


The Sweatshop in Miami is anything but your average gym.  Owner Damian Stephens has made sure to create the ultimate workout experience that cannot be duplicated at any facility, guaranteed.  Fitness and working out have been a passion of Damian's since grade school, and this love for exercise gave him the desire to want to understand more about the body and different training techniques. After completing his masters in exercise physiology at the university of Tennessee where he was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach, he was quickly hired as assistant director of strength and conditioning at the University of Maryland. 

 After five years, Damian decided to seek out a new professional challenge and moved to Miami to help launch the National Council on Strength and Fitness. The National Council on Strength and Fitness, a personal training certification course, made Damian even more eager to explore new options in the fitness industry and go out on his own to pursue what makes him truly happy; working with individuals to make a difference in their lives. After partnering up with a few trainers to open The Workout Spot in the Grove, Damian was finally able to branch out solo and create a unique workout facility called The Sweatshop. 

The Sweatshop certainly has some unconventional features, from Anti-gravity Yoga hammocks to trapeze bars.  Damian drew upon his previous experience with facility layouts and planning, and used his own imagination to develop non-traditional yet extremely serviceable equipment and methods to get his clients in great shape and eager to come to the gym. "I wanted to explore my creativity- something I couldn't do in a partnership" Damian explains, "With my concepts and personally designed equipment, I wanted to push creativity to the max. "How" and "Why" I did it is because it simply needed to be done".  

Removing sight and sound to create a black out virtual indoor cycling studio for a unique "riding experience", and putting down artificial turf to create a "Grassroom" training area, are features that distinctly separate The Sweatshop from any other gym. With so many exclusive features, this is way more than a gym. It goes beyond modern facilities, taking training methods/techniques and equipment to the next level with results guaranteed. 

"Going into it, what I wanted to create was an experience. People put equipment in a box and call it a gym- this is an experience." Damian explains.   Open all day, every day, members use a swip in key to access the facility whenever they choose.  Usually $74.95 per month (classes not included), Damian is willing to offer half price memberships for one month- just e-mail him directly at and say you're a Healthy Miami follower and you're on your way!

As Damian confidently states, "There isn't one single sentence that will fully capture the things we do here, the type of training, you just have to see it."

Check out more on youtube and their facebook .There is no way one wouldn't be intrigued to check out this one of a kind fitness studio; The Sweat Shop- something you just "have to see" (and experience!) while you're in Miami!


PhysioCore : Pilates and Rehab Inc.

Address: 1565 Sunset Drive Coral Gables, FL 33143


Telephone: 786-235-8390

Fax: 305-668-9109


Founder: Dorys Herrera

PhysioCore Pilates is an amazing and unique Miami studio that focuses on both pilates and pilates inspired physical therapy. Pilates focused physical therapy not only rehabilitates the injured body part, but also plays an important role in keeping the rest of the body strong and resilient against potential future injuries. Specializing in back pain, herniated discs, post spinal surgery rehab, pot total hip/knee replacement rehab, athletic injuries, adolescent scoliosis, and pelvic floor dysfunction, Pilates inspired physical therapy has the tools to help their client's body recover.

Pilates focuses on core strengthening, flexibility and endurance.  Pilates will improve, sculpt, and transform the way one looks, feel, and move through life. Sessions can be guided by either licenses Physical Therapists or Certified Pilates Practitioner, all at the client's discretion.

Please call to schedule your Physicore appointment soon! Private, semi-private, duet, and private therapy sessions available!




Exhale MindBodySpa

Spa: Exhale MindBodySpaEpic

Address: EPIC Hotel 270 Biscayne Blvd Way Miami, FL  33131


Phone: 305 423 3900

Fax: 305 416 5289

 From massages and acupuncture, to waxing and yoga, Exhale MindBodySpa at the EPIC Hotel in Miami has the whole package.  Located on beautiful Biscayne Boulivard, Exhale is any travelers, or Miami resident's, dream get away.  Spa features include ten different kinds of facials, twelve different delectable massages, acupuncture and energetic therapies such as reiki and vibrational therapy,  scrubs and detox sessions, nails and waxing.  But before you treat your body, why not work it to the core with Exhale's many sweat provoking classes?

 Offering Core-Fusion Bar (a bar-based workout which combines core work with Pilates, yoga, ballet and dance principles to stretch, tone, and lengthen muscles), or Core Fusion Sport, Cardio, Boot Camp, and Yoga, there is definitely a unique challenge awaiting anyone! Exhale also offers beginner yoga, through all the different levels of difficulty, all the way to Forrest and Kundalini Yoga.  For more information on different yoga types and their purpose (and find some GREAT eco-friendly yoga mats to take with you!) look into:

There are many mind-body classes offered through Exhale as well, like yoga retreats and "Six Week Core Evolution".  To find out more, check out Exhale's MindBodySpa site at


Fit by Haydee Zumba and Dance Studio

Owner & Instructor:  Haydee Ferrera

Studio: Fit by Haydee Studio Address: 1790 NW 108 AVE Suite 103 Miami, FL

Phone: (305) 717-1555 or (786) 312-0567




Zumba has taken the world by storm with it's fun, energetic, and heart-pumping rythems!  Miami Native Choreographer Beto Perez has developed this exersize system that combines elements of Latin dance with aerobic interval training.  Now all the buzz, Zumba is spreading through certified traininers all of the Miami area.  Now thanks to Fit By Haydee Studio- all different types of Zumba are available to you! From  ZumbaToning to Zumbatomic for kids, there is something to fit every zumba-goer, from experienced to beginner!

Also offering Dance/Fitness, Salsa Party and various expressions and techniques of dance such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Salsa Casino, and more! Check out the Fit by Haydee's Zumba Schedule here, and call to reserve a spot to dance your way to a healthier you!


Crunch Fitness Center

Location: Washington Ave

1259 Washington Avenue    Miami Beach, FL, 33139

Phone: (305) 674-8222


General Manager:Lewis Tyree

Personal Trainer Manager: Garrett Ratleff

Taking on the ambiance of a fun nighclub, Crunch Fitness Center in the heart of Miami's popular South Beach is quit the hot spot.  Offering a plethora of unique classes from pole dance fitness to "AntiGravity" Yoga and "Aero House" house music inspired dance based work out, there is a ton of different creative classes for everyone's taste.  Whether you want to chill out with an "AntiGravity Renew and Restore" yoga class or sweat off the pounds in a "Tread N' Shed" treadmill cardio class, Crunch Fitness can satisfy any exercise craving.  Click here for a downloadable pdf of all of Crunch's fitness classes and what they're all about.

In addition to the butt-kicking list of exciting classes, Crunch  has a bunch of amenities that make working out that much more enjoyable, such as live dj's that play today's hottest tunes during classes and workouts, lockers, personal training options, a retail store, cycle studio, towel service, and dotfit. 

Find out more about the different membership options Crunch has to offer. Rather than crunching on that bag of crispy chips, try out a different kind of Crunch! Call today to see what this fascinating gym can offer you!





Fast Twich Performance Training


Address: 7237 NE 4th Avenue

                Miami, FL 33138

Phone: (305) 751-8901



Using a unique technique called Progressive BAS (Biochemical Adaptive Stimulus) Method, Fast Twitch provides a framework for training that will allow each individual athlete’s program to be based specifically on them.  Broken down into four steps, Progressive, Phase 1 (Biochemical) , 2 (Adaptive), and 3 (Stimulus), Fast Twitch really gets into helping each person attain their special goals.  From professional athletes of just about any sport, to the beginner athlete that wants to hit the ground running, Fast Twitch provides trainers with experience in exercise academia, professional sports training, and physical therapy.  Their divine expertise results in lean, strong bodies that will simply work better and accomplish what you want in your sport and health! 

Fast Twitch Offers a large array of different trainings:

(1)    Athlete Training- customized sport-specific training

(2)    Youth Development-  for young athletes to help their bodies perform more efficiently and prevent injury

(3)    Conditioning- off-season and pre-season conditioning designed for your team’s goals and needs.

(4)    Executive Training- customized training for the general population to help meet your specific goals

(5)    Speed Camps/Programming- Speed and Agility camps and other sport-specific programming

Look into Fast Twitch’s philosophy by clicking here !





CrossFit 305


Address: 5940 NE 4th Avenue

                     Miami, FL 33137

Phone: (305) 809-6390



CrossFit is the new phenomenon taking on Miami, and the entire US! CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement, with the stated goal of improving fitness." Typically about 20 minutes or less, workouts are short but intense. CrossFit workouts are a demanding display of all-out physical exertion. They combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, weighlifting, climbing rope, and carrying odd objects. Participants use barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, and various bodyweight exercises, just to name a few! 


CrossFit 305 is dedicated to helping its members achieve their physical potential through small group coaching by certified CrossFit  trainers that are nationally and internationally accredited. Combining hard work and CrossFit priniciples, CrossFit 305 guarantees strength and success.  This warehouse located in the heart of Miami is the third CrossFit affiliate and has “been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.”

Click here for CrossFit 305's schedule of classes, including The 305 Workout Bootcamps,On Ramp Fundamentals, CrossFit Classes, and even Yoga. 


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