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Eat Well Global Apps! Making Eating Right Easy.

Eat Well Global, Inc. is a revolutionary nutritionist-led global communications company that is changing the way our world eats, lives, and learns about health.  Offering consumers, companies, and businesses wellness program insights from registered dieticians, Eat Well Global is the future in obtaining wellness and optimum health.

Founder Julie Meyer, RD, knows what it’s like to be in a foreign place without any idea how to maintain her health and feed her body well. She recalls, “In November 2008, my husband came home and asked nicely if we would all pack our bags and move to Shanghai for two years. I said yes and we were on a plane with our two daughters (3 and 6 then) six weeks later. While living there, I had a first-hand experience how hard it is to eat well on the road and in a new culture.”  Living in China, Julie was put to the ultimate test while on her two year expat assignment in Shanghai. “After six months, I quit my communications consulting job to start Eat Well Shanghai, a company designed to help expats with resources on how to eat their best in a fairly toxic food environment.” Julie explains. Writing her first book, Eat Well Shanghai: Your Guide to Eating Well at Home and On the Go, published in September 2010, Julie’s success sky rocketed as the quick seller (selling over 1,000 copies in six months!) inspired her to expand her business. In January 2011, Julie and her family repatriated to Brooklyn where she started Eat Well Global, Inc. – ultimately creating her revolutionary Eat Well Global Apps.

Available as Country Guide Apps and Eat Well for Business Travel Apps (available for iOS and Android), having this app is like having a  “nutritionist-in-your-pocket” – full of guides written by local dieticians in countries from all around the world.  Julie explains, “Consumers, such as Healthy Miami readers, can download one of seven Eat Well Global country guide apps, including China, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Israel, Japan and Thailand, or a compilation app, Eat Well for Business Travel.”

The Eat Well for Business Travel app is a functional tool for anyone on the go. Eating right on the job is always a struggle- the late hours in those never-ending meetings where 12 a.m. Dunkin Donuts seems like the only thing that can ease the pain- or the long hours at the airport in between flights where packaged cookies and Fast Food joints are looking better and better with each passing minute.  But Eat Well Global, Inc. has found a way to stay on track while on the road. Featuring “nutritionist-approved” business-friendly listings in global centers, audio files for special ordering and tips on how to eat well in airports, hotel, business lounges, meetings and client dinners. This app is also customizable and could be produced exclusively for corporate use!

All apps are written by local registered dietitians, with information including:

  • How to Eat Well – A health snapshot of the host country, including typical dishes, a market tour, food safety information, etc.
  • Where to Eat Well – Nutritionist-approved listings in major cities include restaurants, markets, delivery services and cooking schools.
  • Eating Well with Special Dietary Needs – Low fat? Kosher? Vegan? Gluten-free? Cultural insights plus audio files in each local language to make it easier to get the foods you want.
  • Eat Well at Home – Authentic, healthy recipes written by local chefs to prepare at home.

Two new apps, including Eat Well India and Eat Well Brazil, will be available in Fall 2012.     



Also soon to come in August 2012, Julie’s unique expertise as a “dietitian on the go” is evident in her new weekly column in The Huffington Post!

“No one understands a food culture better than a local and no one knows nutrition better than a registered dietitian. Healthy Miami readers can benefit from both by downloading an Eat Well Global travel guide app.” –Julie Meyer . You can purchase Eat Well Global Apps here!


Check out more about Eat Well Global, Inc. and all they have to offer on their informative website here, or contact them and subscribe for updates on the latest Eat Well Global info here!


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