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“The guide to living a healthier life in Miami-Dade County”


Including "Fun & Fitness", "Food & Nutrition", a calendar of events and more, has up to date health information for everyone. 305fit Wellness Magazine is published by Jackson Health System in conjunction with Miami-Dade County Community Information and Outreach. All contents © Jackson Health System unless otherwise noted.

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Miami Sports Magazine


Miami Sports Magazine is the place to go for the outdoor, fitness, and/or health enthusiast! Miami Sports Magazine brings you coverage of outdoor sports in Miami and surrounding communities. Every issue includes Paddle Sports, Cycling, Wind Sports, Multi-Sports and Fitness sections with a focus on local retailers, events, outdoor adventure locations and activities for you to enjoy!

Categories include wind sports, paddle sports, cycling, subsurface, fitness, sports medicine, running, crossfit, sports nutrition, and more! Even Miami Sports Magazine events are found here!

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Bienvenido a Miami, See it like a Healthy Native

Healthy Miami brings you Miami's Healthiest resources at your fingertips, helps you to navigate where to shop, eat & run while visiting or residing in Miami/SoFlo. This site brings you the collaboration of some of the top experts in the food, fitness, culinary, complimentary & integrative medical fields and turns you onto the foods and fabulous folks that make Miami a healthy place to live.